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Top Ten Tomboy Styles

Top Ten Tomboy Styles (in no particular order)

Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Bow Ties

1. Bow Ties - Bows are cute so add a bow tie to your outfit and you look cute and smart and dapper. It also adds a little variety to the fully buttoned-up button-up look. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Plaid or Check

    2. Plaid - everything.


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Oversized T Shirts

    3. Oversized Tees - Oversized graphic tees with rolled up sleeves make a great casual look and a comfortable outfit. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Drop Crotch Skinnies

    4. Drop-crotch Skinnies - Maybe not the most practical and not to everybody’s taste but they’re still on trend and give your outfit that tomboy edge. Did somebody say swagger?


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Sweaters

    5. Sweaters - Casual, comfortable, and cute. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Hi Tops

    6. Hi-tops - They’re just so cool, and look great with skinny jeans, especially with a little turn-up. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Blazers

    7. Blazers - as part of a suit or to smarten up a casual outfit and make you feel like a boss. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Brogue Boots

    8. Brogue Boots - Originally intended as outwear, brogues have since been adapted to formal-wear and are now worn with a variety of outfit styles. Chunky brogue boots can be dressed up or down and so make a good wardrobe staple. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Hats, Snapbacks

    9. Hats - Snapbacks or beanies, us tomboys love a good hat. 


    Top 10 Tomboy Styles, Sportswear, Baseball Letterman's Jacket

    10. Sportswear - More broad - if you’ll pardon the pun ;) - but letterman jackets, baseball tees, sports jerseys, sweatpants, things with numbers on them, all this makes for great tomboy attire. 


    Add your favorite tomboy style in the comments :) 



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