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Interview with Be Prepared Period

We recently teamed up with Be Prepared Period, who provide helpful information and open conversation about menstruation, as well as sanitary and related products, to talk feminism, business, and periods! This is their interview with Zealo Apparel founder, Josie. What was it like for you to get your first period?I remember feeling like I was now supposed to be a woman, feeling like my childhood was behind me all of a sudden. Which is ridiculous! Nearly everyone gets their first period as a child, some when they’re particularly young. I think the association of periods and womanhood needs to stop. Not only does it make it especially difficult for children and people of other gender identities but it’s not helpful...

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BBC - No More Boys And Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free?

For anyone who has access to BBC programmes I'd highly recommend BBC 2's No More Boys And Girls: Can Our Kids Go Gender Free? It's an interesting two-part documentary about how gender influences in childhood affect our potential and subsequent lives as adults. The documentary mainly focuses on various "experiments" conducted with 7 year olds, but also includes its own version of the famous "Baby X" experiments by Seavey, Katz, & Zalk. It highlights the extreme gendering children are exposed to from the beginning and what a negative effect it has.  

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New Additional EU Shipping Location!

Our partner printing company has just opened a new facility in Europe and orders going to the EU and nearby regions will start to be shipped from Latvia as they build up stock. This means there will soon be quicker shipping times for Europe and surrounding areas and no import charges in the EU!   Most orders going to an address on the American continent and nearby regions will continue to be shipped from the USA.  Select items, such as enamel pins, will continue to be shipped from the UK, regardless of destination.  For more information see our shipping page. Not all products will be available to be shipped from Europe straight away, and where this is the case, they will be...

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